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Turning on the Power in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies - Infinite Warfare

Tips: -- Turning on the Power --

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here is how to turn the power on in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Shaolin Shuffle zombies....that's one heck of a mouthful to say when eating a sandwich....which I am doing as I type this. It is very similar to Zombies in Spaceland as there are 4 power switches in total, rather than the beloved one switch that graced our presence briefly in Rave in the Redwoods.

Its very easy to turn the power on so I will not dribble over my sandwich and get right to it and get you "on the grid" so to speak.

Power Switch Location 1 - Spawn Room

This switch is located just in front of the train carriage on a pillar inside the main spawn room. This rooms contains the perk machine "Up N Atoms" which cost $500.Check out the photos above, once you locate it, flip and move swiftly onto the next one.

If you stay in this area too long, you won't live long enough to pay your next electric bill as the rounds progress in here, trust me. Zombies hate utility bills just as much as you do.

Power Switch Location 2 - Your eye is drop dead gorgeous!

The next location is near the new perk in this map called "Deadeye Dew Drops".

Deadeye Dewdrops replaces Slappy Taffy from the previous maps. Like Deadshot Daiquiri, it allows the player to auto-aim directly onto a zombie's head. Unlike Deadshot Daiquiri however, the perk gives another ability which allows the player's weapon to deal higher damage the longer the player aims down their sights.

To get to this room, make your way up to the rooftops, watch your first, head towards the back of the map and you will find it right by the Deadeye Dew Drops perk machine, next to the stairs that ascend to the next level. Flip it and be on your merry way.

Power Switch Location 3 - I'm a wallpaper  stripper....not that kinda stripper!

This is located in the second underground section you can access down in the subway, near the strip joint area, just to the left of the Bang Bangs Perk machine on the train platform below. It is on the wall to the left of this machine literally an arms length away on the opposite platform. Hop on over and flick the switch to restore power to this area and get the Bang Bangs machine back in business.

The Bang Bangs perk increases fire rate and considers a single bullet shot to count as two in terms of damage, effectively increasing ammo usage economically. It is similar to Double Tap 2.0.

Power Switch Location 4 -

This last one is simply located on the rooftop area by the Quickies perk machine. Quickies increases the player's reload speed, weapon switching, and doubles the speed at which the player boards up windows around the park.

To get to the rooftop you need to open up the disco and keeping heading.....up...I guess which is the most logical way I can think of getting to the roof :). Keep heading up the stairs until you hit the roof and you will eventually see up top on the wall another power switch which you flick to get free electricity for the rest of your short days alive in this zombie ridden hell!

Also there's a giant power symbol on a door beside the switch....just in case you forgot your glasses.

Still not sure how to turn the power on? No worries, follow MrDalekJD's YouTube video below:

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Unlocking Pack A Punch in Rave in the Redwoods Zombies - Infinite Warfare

Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: Boat Propeller -- Charm Locations -- Crossbow -- Crossbow Upgrading --
Musical Easter Egg Guide -- Trap & Gem Guide -- Ghosts N Skulls 2 Guide -- Pack A Punch --

Hey guys,

here is how to get to the PACK A PUNCH machine in Rave in the Redwood Zombies for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Everyone loves a machine that can triple the killing power of any fire arm you are carrying, so I could not skip over showing you how to get to Pack A Punch....I love destructive zombie killing weaponry what can I say?

First little niggle to get out of the road is to simply turn on the power for this map. This map only has one main power switch to turn on and it will supply you with all your electrical appliance needs. The power switch is located under the main spawn room / cabin of Rave in the Redwoods which is called BEAR LODGE. It will cost a little bit of money to get to it though so start saving those pennies to get to the OLD MARVIN MINE AREA.

Here is the shortest possible route known to man:

Now that the power is on and your electric bill has been paid, we can tell you how to unlock the Pack A Punch machine awwww yeah baby....well also need to collect all the boat parts and repair the boats propeller.

That film left me reeling

In order to kick ass during the main boss fight for Rave in the Redwoods, you will need your weapons upgraded via the Pack A Punch. If you don't upgrade them, I think its suicide going up against the main boss as you will use so much ammo, your logistics manager who supplies your guns with ammo is going to have a heart attack....or some mild indigestion. 

Upgrading and being prepared for the worst means you can beat the boss and win...which is what everybody wants. Luckily, accessing Pack A Punch is really easy. If you can get all the boat parts, you can get the two film reels.

Projector Location

The Projector that teleports you to the Pack-A-Punch Room is available on Turtle Island, but you’ll need to connect 2 Film Reels to get the projector working.

Its located on a desk in the interior building right next to Film Reel #2. Hook up the film then enter the open portal to access the Pack-A-Punch Room.

Film Reel #1 Location

Bear Lake — The first film roll is just outside the boat house doors, before riding the boat to Turtle Island at the docks. This location is shown by the RED CIRCLE on the map.

Film Reel #2 Location

Turtle Island — Ride the boat to Turtle Island, then go up to the building on the hill. Turn left to find a bonfire. Nearby, next to an old laundry machine, look for the film roll on the ground.

Once you have both film reels, go into the Cabin on Turtle Island and find the projector on the table. Go up to it and it will ask if you want to repair the projector. Hit the USE button and the projector will light up in all its glory and shine on the wall a very cool trans dimensional portal.

Go up to hit and hit USE to enter it and you will be hurtled into the projection room which contains the Pack A Punch Machine....sweet!

Still unsure how to get to Pack A Punch? Check out +CodeNamePizza's Video Below:

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Ghosts N Skulls 2 Arcade Machine Guide Part 2 for Rave in the Redwoods - Infinite Warfare

Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: Boat Propeller -- Charm Locations -- Crossbow -- Crossbow Upgrading --
Musical Easter Egg Guide -- Trap & Gem Guide -- Ghosts N Skulls 2 Guide -- Pack A Punch --


Finding the 3rd Skull - Skull Spinner

Now to activate the 3rd skull to satisfy the Skulls N Ghosts 2 arcade machine, simply head down to the power room where we will attempt to show off our knife throwing skills at a zombie who wants to join the a target?

I paid him a few bucks and he hopped willingly onto a rotating target with the skull....he then said he was not nervous with such a professional knife thrower about to throw at him. That's when I broke the news and told him it was your first time and he wanted to cancel the show...I told him no way :).

We need to play a mini knife game, which is very easy, and consists of a rotating zombie stuck to a target which has a skull on it. Simply use the throwing knife once the game is activated to knock the skull off this target and it is all yours. Simples, skull number 3 will show on the arcade machine screen, your half way there keep at it!

Skull Number 4 - Erase and rewind to step 2

In the same spawn locations where the symbols started to appear in Step 2 for matching the symbol that appeared on the Ghosts N Skulls 2 Arcade machine, we are going to use these symbols to spell out the work "SKULL". This is obviously spelt in an ancient language which I tried to pronounce in the symbol form but got my tongue tied at every corner.

In videos and myself when playing am not sure about this, but it is recommended you try to spell out the word SKULL in one RAVE MODE session. So keep topping up with the fairies every opportunity and keep RAVE MODE going till you look at these symbols in the exact order given in the picture below in order to spell out the word SKULL.

The above picture was taken from MrDalekJD's video at the bottom of this post and it was in turn created by Glitching Queen on YouTube.

When you have located each of the letters in this exact order, simply stare at them down the sites until the symbol enlarges then disappears indicating it has been registered as your answer. Once all have spelled out the word, you will hear the weird notification noise letting you know you done it baby awwww yeah!

If you mess it up don't go nuts, simply enter RAVE MODE again and start over again, the only difference is the letters may be in totally different spawn locations to where you previously found each one.

Skull 5 - Mini Ghosts N Skull edition

In order to get in the machine to play the proper full HD, surround sound, technicolour marvel that is the Ghosts N Skulls 2 arcade machine....we need to play the travel edition.

Head down to where the boat takes you over to the island, once you have got the 4th skull, and when you ride the boat to the island, mini ghost heads will start to emerge from the water. They will be white and glowing green behind them at first and start getting higher and higher into the air, eventually turning red and trying to escape from the area.

What you need to do here is blast them until you destroy them, before they escape, especially the red ones as they are on the verge of doing a runner! When a certain amount escape, you will have failed this mini game challenge. Put the handkerchief away though as to restart this mini game, simply get back in the boat and head toward the island again and you can have another shot at it. Take as many goes as you need to complete it.

When you have done it all of the ghost heads will disappear in a puff of green smoke and you will have obtained the 5th skull.

Skull 6 - Machine needs jump started

First for this skull you need to build the BEN FRANKLIN CROSSBOW which is the electricity version of the upgraded VLAD CROSSBOW. Check out the Upgrading the Crossbow guide.

Once you have this bow, simply walk up to the machine, shoot it with the Ben Franklin and it will unlock the 6th skull meaning you can enter the arcade machine. If playing on multiplayer, everyone will need to go up to the machine and interact with it in order to enter the machine.

How to play Ghosts N Skulls

When you enter the machine, you will see rows of skulls appear which are Yellow, Green and Blue in colour. What you have to do is get rid of these skulls before they get too high in the air. To get rid of these coloured skulls, you need to use your gun like a ghostbuster to snare the coloured ghosts floating around in the background and around you.

Simply fire your gun to entangle a ghost in your particle stream and what ever colour the ghost is e.g. blue, push him over and into the blue skulls floating in the air to make them disappear and press the button to RELEASE him into the skulls making them explode.

The more you play, the harder it gets

As the game progresses, the order of the coloured skulls starts to change and gets much more trickier so don't say I didn't warn you. For example, you will be shown a colour order of the skulls, and then they will turn around, losing their colours. What you have to do here is, remember what colour those skulls where before they turned around....which is no mean feat, as I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, while still snaring the correct coloured ghosts that matches the skull colour.

IF AT ANY POINT YOU HIT THE WRONG COLOUR OF SKULL WITH A DIFFERENT COLOUR OF GHOST, you will see the skull turn RED and start to fly to the portal at the other end of the room. This mistake can be reversed however, as you will see RED ghosts floating around the room, if you can snare a red ghost and hit it on the skull that's trying to escape, it will cancel out that skull so don't fret.

We need to keep an eye on the amount of skulls that are escaping in each arcade session as if 3 red skulls escape, you will be kicked out of the machine and will have to start all over anymore quarters?

There are also 3 phases to the machine, the 3rd of course, being the knew it was coming. The skulls basically start to move further and further away to the back of the room and you need to be getting your angles and aiming precise with the ghosts as its quite hard to release the ghosts onto the correct skull. The skulls basically start to back you up into a corner.

Spoils of War

When you complete Ghosts N Skulls, you will get:

  • All Perks
  • Afterlife Token - A Ghost Skull Head

The afterlife token means that in COP MODE you will have unlimited revives to get you out of the arcade. Normally you are only allowed 3 revives and you have to wait until the end of a round before you come back. When playing the mini games you will see your character has a massive skull head on top of their shoulders.

Still unsure how to do any of the steps? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below which is very easy to follow:

Thanks for reading as always guys.